Adeke Rose is a spoken word artist and poet, based in the Baltimore, Maryland area. As a woman who has faced numerous challenges including trauma and disability Adeke Rose speaks with an inspiring eloquence, honesty and openness that is uniquely and refreshingly her own.  Her energy, compassion and commitment to others is both engaging and motivating.  Adeke Rose will not only soothe and excite your ears and brain, she will touch your heart.
     Born into a military family, she has traveled extensively. She has been an advocate for people with disabilities, victims of violence, and for children and families. These experiences have added a unique flavor and dimension to her poetry and presentation that is difficult to find. Adeke Rose has performed in theatre, at open mics, at conferences, victim rights events, Black history events, Formal dinners and in other venues across the country. Adeke Rose's has two albums Autobiography of a Rose (2010) and Wounded Kings and Warrior Women (2013/remix 2015).  She has been published in journals, newsletters and magazines. Adeke Rose has four books/chapbooks.  To purchase or for more information email from this site, or purchase from, CD Baby and on this site.  Her next project is due to be released in March 2015.

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