Adeke Rose: Wounded Kings and Warrior Women



"Wounded Kings and Warrior Women Album is now available for purchase.  Downloads are Available from CD Baby, I-Tunes, Nabster Amazon and other locations. Released June 2013.  

"Autobiography of a Rose" Album is available for Purchase from CD Baby. Downloads available from CD Baby, I Tunes, Nabster and Amazon.  Released September 19, 2010.  Purchase physical CD through Paypal now .  $12.

Autobiography of a Rose Album and individual tracks now available for download at CD baby, I Tunes, Napster and  for download!


Wounded Kings and Warrior Women; Poetry on Love, Culture and Community released June 10, 2011.



 Autobiography of a Rose Chapbook  available from 2 Pens and Lint "A New Direction in Poetry"

*NEW RELEASE* "Football and Desire", a Poetry Collection (image not available)

She Walks in Faith...
Legs Not Required  Chapbook now available from 2 Pens and Lint.

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